Thursday, July 9, 2009

Program 3648 in Arizona


Did you know the Federal Government recently signed into LAW…

H.R. 3648

Dear Friend,                               

 If you're at least 30 days behind on your mortgage, then your mortgage company is willing to consider completely forgiving a significant portion of your mortgage debt (provided you go through the proper process). The portion they forgive, under H.R. 3648, is NO longer counted as personal income and CANNOT be taxed by the federal government!

 So if you are behind on your mortgage, I'd like to introduce you to the light at the end of the tunnel…Program 3648. Program 3648 is a free nationwide initiative whose mission is to:


  1. Help homeowners receive the mortgage debt forgiveness this new law encourages.
  2. Rescue as many homeowners from public foreclosure as possible.

 You'll be pleased to know that under PROGRAM 3648:
  1. You receive all services, consultation, and information absolutely FREE. Guaranteed!
  2. You're assigned a certified program administrator to do all the work for you.
I am actually the certified program administrator in Maricopa County assigned to do all the work for you. My team is currently helping hundreds of homeowners receive the debt forgiveness they need to stop a potential public foreclosure!

Now if you're like me, you're skeptical when someone claims to offer everything for free. These days, most people claiming free services have hidden costs that pop up somewhere. Well I'm pleased to inform you that is not the case with Program 3648. At no time will you ever be charged one penny.

As you can imagine, we have limited capacity to help homeowners for free. So those that call right away are usually the only ones that get helped.

I cannot emphasize enough that time is of the essence.

Yours to count on,

Henry Scott
Certified Program 3648 Administrator
Prudential American Associates

P.S. Regarding H.R. 3648, The President stated,

"My administration has taken strong steps to help homeowners avoid foreclosure…The provision will increase the incentive for borrowers and lenders to work together…So this bill will create a three-year window for homeowners to…pay no taxes on any debt forgiveness that they receive."

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